MSBA ID Renewal Process

The Maryland State Bar Association (MSBA) Courthouse Identification Badge, also known as the "yellow bar card," is issued by the MSBA, but delivered to attorneys at the AABA office (as well as locations in other Maryland counties). If you need to apply for an MSBA Courthouse ID, please review the following steps.

1. Submit the Identification Badge application on the MSBA website.

2. The MSBA takes 3 to 4 weeks to process badge applications. They will then mail your badge to the AABA office (or the location you selected on your badge application).

3. If you are an AABA member, an AABA staff member will contact you when we receive your badge. If you are not an AABA member, you should call the AABA office 4 weeks after you submit your badge application to see if your badge is ready to be picked up.

4. You will need to provide a photo for use on the card. You can email the photo to in advance or bring it with you when you pick up your card. It can be a passport photo, firm photo, headshot, or another photo with a simple background.

5. You do not need an appointment to pick up the card. The AABA office is staffed from 9 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. However, because we have a very small staff, we strongly recommend that you call the AABA at (410) 222-2860 on the day you plan to pick up your badge to ensure that staff will be available to assist you. 

For more information on the MSBA Courthouse Identification Badge, please visit the MSBA website.