Mentor Program

Although today's new lawyers are well versed on the theoretical approach to the law, few have mastered the practical approach to assisting clients. The AABA Mentor Program is designed to assist new lawyers (practicing for fewer than five years) with both the practical and ethical issues facing today's practitioners.

Once you request a mentor, you will be paired with an experienced attorney who has at least five years of practice in Maryland and is willing to provide you with brief consultations at no cost. Your mentor will share his or her expertise to help you get up to speed on the day-to-day aspects of legal practice in our county.

Application to Become an AABA Mentor

Application to Become a Mentee (Be Assigned to a Mentor)


Goals of the Mentor Program

• Assist lawyers who have been practicing for fewer than five years in the practical approaches to the practice of law.
• Assist new lawyers in avoiding the mistakes that their predecessors found to be "costly lessons to learn."
• Advise new practitioners regarding Anne Arundel policy and procedures, as well as to assist them in becoming more familiar with the respective members of the bar and bench.
• Advise new practitioners regarding ethical and professional issues.
• Foster collegial and professional relationships among the members of the AABA.


Mentor Qualifications

A mentor:
• Must have five years of practice in Maryland
• Must be willing/available to assist a new practitioner by answering questions relating to his/her practice.
• Must be accessible for brief (approximately 15-minute) conversations with his/her mentee.
• Must agree not to charge any fee for consultation
• Shall assist in fostering a collegial and professional relationship with other members of the bar.
• May accept employment as co-counsel with the mentee at the request of the client and mentee.
• Shall not be required to do any legal research or accept professional responsibility for any advice given (unless expressly employed as co-counsel).


Mentee Qualifications and Guidelines

The mentee:
• Must be member of the AABA.
• It is suggested that the mentee contact the mentor once a month to discuss issues and be adequately prepared to address specific concerns with the mentor at the time of consultation.
• Should not rely solely upon advice given by his/her mentor; rather, the mentee must make a professional evaluation of all advice received and advise his/her client based upon his/her professional opinions and assessments.
• Must not divulge the identity of the client to his mentor except if necessary to avoid a conflict of interest and maintain the professional responsibility and confidentiality.
• Must not inform his/her client of the consultation or advice given, nor inform the client of the name of his/her mentor without the written consent of the mentor.