Citizen & Youth Education

The Anne Arundel Bar Association is committed to helping the citizens of Anne Arundel County gain an understanding of the law and its impact on their lives. Each year, our members plan and participate in activities that allow citizens and students to learn more about the law and the judicial system.

Law Day

Each year, the bar association plans activities to celebrate Law Day (May 1), a nationwide event to commemorate the rule of law, the judiciary and its place in American society. Law Day activities are based on the Law Day theme determined by the American Bar Association. In the past, AABA members have offered information sessions at senior centers and delivered presentations to local students. In 2014, the AABA visited 20 different Anne Arundel public schools as part of its Law Day celebration.

High School Essay Contest

The Anne Arundel County Bar Foundation encourages local youth to expand their interest in and knowledge of the law by sponsoring an annual Essay Contest, which is open to public and private high school students. Over the past 20 years, more than 3,000 students from 11 county high schools have submitted essays.

Mock Trial Competition

Each year, the Maryland State Bar Association sponsors the statewide Mock Trial competition in partnership with the Citizenship Law Related Education Program. Public and priviate schools may enter a team of 8-12 students in the competition. Each team receives a casebook with a common fact pattern and then presents either the defense case or the prosecution case using three lawyers and three witnesses. The competition is supported by the Anne Arundel Bar Association, which schedules and coordinates the volunteer judges for the trials in this county. Members of the bar association also serve as team coaches, teaming up with faculty at public and private high schools throughout the county. The volunteer coaches and judges enjoy the rewards of working with students who are enthusiastic about the law and helping them build skills in areas such as reasoning and public speaking.