Fall Pub Quiz

Members Matched Wits

A sellout crowd of 81 enjoyed Irish fare and trivia at Galway Bay on November15.

The Hillman Brown & Darrow Dogs ended the night as the winning team and took home the Cup of Perpetual Knowledge for a repeat win following their victory in the spring.  They also had back to back success at taking home the Cup back in 2019.  Past Presidents Hon. Kemp Hammond, Hon. Dick Duden, Hon. Tim Meredith, Kevin Schaeffer, Brian Marsh and current President Marla Zide joined the competition along with Hon. Christine Celeste from the Circuit Court and Hon. Tom Pryal from the District Court.   

How many years are celebrated on a "Ruby" anniversary?                                       40
Dancing Bears was the original name of what candy from 1922 until 1960?              Gummy Bears