Vacancies on the Maryland Judicial Nominating Commission for District 7

Applications must be received by May 24.
There are currently four vacancies on the Anne Arundel County Trial Courts Nominating Commission for District 7 due to the new Executive Order of Governor Larry Hogan.  The Office of Legal Counsel for Governor Hogan has requested that the AABA submit the name of seven (7) individuals for potential appointment, from which the Governor will select four (4) for service. 

Therefore, the AABA is seeking the names of members who would like to serve on the Judicial Nominating Commission for District 7. The term of the appointment is four (4) years and there are four (4) vacancies to be filled from the seven (7) names to be recommended by the AABA.  If interested, please submit a brief bio or resume advising of your desire to serve by May 24 via e-mail to  The names of the nominees must be presented to the Governor's Office by June 6, so that any letters received after May 24 will not be able to be considered. 
The web reference for Executive Order 01.01.2019.05: