Debt Collection Scam Targeting Lawyers in Anne Arundel County

The AABA has been informed about an elaborate scam that recently has been targeting lawyers in Anne Arundel County and we would like to alert our members to this potential threat.
Please read the following information so that you will be aware of the details of this scam:

Several AABA members have been approached by an individual claiming to be a London-based architect or interior designer seeking legal assistance with collecting a debt from an individual in Anne Arundel County.

This potential client (the scammer) provided details that can be verified online about both his architecture business and about the "defendant." The scammer uses the name and address of an actual London architect. The "defendant" named is an Anne Arundel County resident (this person is now aware of the scam but has no knowledge of or involvement with the purported details of the case).

The scammer has contacted Anne Arundel County lawyers by both email and by phone, and at least one member received priority express mail from the scammer.

A similar scam involving an architect seeking help with debt collection was reported by a number of lawyers in North Carolina last year. The North Carolina State Bar's website has details about this scam -- including copies of documents sent to the attorney as part of the scam. 

Please be cautious if approached about a case involving similar facts, or when dealing with any debt collection case initiated by an overseas “client.”